1. Contract scope

PETITJEAN FISHING EQUIPMENT (hereinafter also referred to as “SELLER”) sells all goods specified in the printed catalog as well as in the Online Store to business customers (hereafter referred to as "customers") subject to the general conditions for sales and delivery (GTC) listed below.

2. Entering into a contract

In order for a contract to be entered into between the customer and PETITJEAN FISHING EQUIPMENT, the order submitted by the customer must first be accepted by the SELLER. The customer may place his order via telephone, order card, or Internet. Seller accepts the order either: (a) by sending the customer an order confirmation via fax, e-mail, or normal mail, or (b) by delivering the goods to the customer with a delivery slip.

3. Product offerings
Any details that the customer receives about the goods during the order process are not binding. This includes modifications to product design and technology, which improve the product's functionality, as well as errors in the product description, illustrations, and pricing details. All technical data about individual products is based on information provided by the seller/manufacturer and is binding.

4. Payment conditions
All catalog prices are base prices, which are continuously adjusted to the market. Prices are in Swiss Francs (Fr.), include value-added tax, but do not include packaging or shipping costs from our warehouse in Rotkreuz. Shipping and packaging costs are charged separately. Invoices are to be paid net within 30 days of invoicing. New customers must pay for their orders using the following modes of payment: cash on delivery, credit card, bank check, or cash. Seller may request that existing customers pay for deliveries via credit card or cash on delivery.

5. Delivery conditions
Products will be delivered immediately to the Shipping Address provided by the customer as long as the products are on stock. If products are out of stock, the customer will be sent a written order confirmation stating the probable delivery date. Goods are delivered from the loading dock at the customer's own expense and responsibility. This is also applicable for partial deliveries. A certificate from the respective shipping company is required for regulating any reimbursement for externally visible damages to the ordered goods. Only the delivery address is taken into account for delivery, no change is possible once the order is placed.

6. Property reservations

Delivered goods remain the property of Seller until the goods have been paid for in their entirety. Seller reserves the right to make the requisite entry to the property reservations register. If the customer falls behind in paying the purchase price, Seller has the right to withdraw from the contract (Withdrawal declaration) and to repossess the goods.

7. Right of returns
The customer has the right within 14 working days to withdraw from the contract without providing grounds and to return the goods to the seller. Delivered goods are to be returned with a completed return slip in an undamaged state, in working order, complete, and in the undamaged original packaging. Prior to sending goods back, the customer must always request a return authorization number. If the above conditions are not satisfied, Seller will impose a service charge of Fr. 30.--. The 14 working day time period for returns commences when the customer receives the goods. All expenses incurred to return the goods to the seller are to be paid for by the customer. The right to return the merchandise is only valid if the items are unopened in their original packaging. If the customer returns the goods in proper order and within the required time period, Seller will give the customer either a credit for the goods or, if the customer wishes, Seller will replace the item(s).

8. Warranty for defects and liability
Unless there is a specific mention of a longer guarantee period, all products in the catalog are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Products will be replaced or repaired free of charge as long as the customer notifies PETITJEAN FISHING EQUIPMENT in writing within 14 working days of receipt of the goods. The guaranty will be null and void if modifications or repairs are made to the product without Seller’s written agreement. Compensation for damages is excluded where allowed by law. In particular, Sell is not liable for damages caused neither by inappropriate use or natural wear and tear nor for damages resulting from the delivered item itself (e.g., consequential damages from defects).

9. Intellectual property
PETITJEAN FISHING EQUIPMENT owns the rights to every design, text, and graph on its web site. Making a copy or any kind of reproduction of either the entire web site or parts thereof may be made strictly for the purpose of submitting an order to Seller. The